Bath Housing is seeking an Aging Specialist Technician

Bath Housing is seeking an Aging Specialist Technician.

The position will have the opportunity to work within the Bath Housing owned and managed property as well as the homes of individuals participating in the Comfortably Home program to promote safe, age friendly and accessible homes and communities. The Aging Specialist Technician will conduct inspections and utilize advanced carpentry and general construction skills to make minor repairs and accessibility modifications through the Comfortably Home program and Bath Housing properties.

Bath Housing is a non-profit organization managing over 150 apartments. While the majority of our apartments are available to income-eligible adults 62 and older and disabled individuals and families, we also offer a portfolio of market rate properties. The Aging Specialist Technician will make recommendations and modifications to improve properties, while also participating in some general maintenance responsibilities.

Comfortably Home has three core values: treat every homeowner and their home with sensitivity and individualized care; approach each homeowner’s needs and preferences with customized solutions; and invest professional skills, superior customer service and high quality materials into every home. The Aging Specialist Technician will work closely with the Program Coordinator to develop and execute work plans that allow seniors to live independently and safely within their home.

This position does require advance carpentry as well as general maintenance skills. Prior experience in age friendly design is preferred but extensive training will be provided. Full job description is available here Aging Specialist Technician condensed. Send cover letter and resume to: gro.g1558444212nisuo1558444212hhtab1558444212@bbab1558444212a1558444212 by January 31, 2018. Bath Housing is an equal opportunity employer. This opportunity is covered under Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968.